Friday, August 12, 2005

Harveysburg, Ohio

During the latle 1850s, a retired businessman, Jonathan P. Clark, from Cincinnati purchased a bucolic area near Harveysburg famous for its multitude of mineral springs. It was located at the end of Clark Avenue on the slope of the ridge southwest of Harveysburg, the same ridge upon which Harveysburg was situated. The more than 50 springs fed into Caesar's Creek. He enclosed the largest of the springs and built spring houses of lattice work and a platform for guest speakers and benches for the audience. After his death, the resort declined but the area was still noted for its 50 springs and its beauty.
Today the springs and the old resort area and an Indian mound are under Caesar's Creek Lake.


Blogger Ashley said...


I like your blog it is very informative.

May we commence to pick your brain!My husband just told me a rumor and I am curious to know this is true: is the old town of Harveysburg submerged in Caesar Creek Lake?

Also, do you know if Caesar Creek Lake is natural or is it manmade?

Ashley G.

6:06 PM  
Blogger KittyKisser said...

The lake is man made. As it is a damned up valley. I remember as a kid when there was no water in that area. No Harveysburg is not submerged. What you see of the village of Harveysburg now is what was already there. Some business and housing has added to Harveysburg since the lake that they started in the mid 70s. There were farmers that had to move due to the lake and leave their houses. You may have heard about New Burlington over on St Rt. 380 that village was completely moved or your house was left to rot as some did or the government may have torn down. The area where New Burlington was the water is very shallow there.

10:29 AM  
Blogger KittyKisser said...

So there is the info about Caesars Creek lake and Harveysburg. Also the lake is named after a African American run away slave adopted by the Shawnee tribe.

10:37 AM  

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