Friday, August 12, 2005


The Black School before its restoration (above).
It was restored by the Harveysburg Historical Society.
This photograph was taken in 1982.

The front and back of the restored Black School, today a musuem.

Elizabeth Burgess Harvey, wife of Dr. Jesse Harvey, founded what has often been thought to be the first black school in Ohio around 1831 according to Beer’s 1882 History of Warren County. She is also mentioned in the book Ohio Builds A Nation by Samuel Hardin Stille (Chicago, Lower Salem, Ohio and New York City: The Arlendale Book House, 1939), p. 118.:

The first free Negro school in Ohio devoted to the education of the unfortunate people was opened in Harveysburg, over thirty years before the Civil War. The school was opened and conducted by Elizabeth Harvey. She was the first woman to devote her life to the advancement and education of the Negro race. Her name should be entered on the roll of honor of those noble people who gave their lives to a great cause.

Both Elizabeth and Jesse had an abiding interest in the education of Native-Americans and African-Amiericans.


Blogger angie45177 said...

I am interested also in the history of Harveysburg. I have a picture I would like to email you of the meat market on Main St. I would love to know what you know about the people in the picture whos names were listed as-C. Lipponcot, A.K. Sargent, Vick Hawk, Warren Vantress, Kas Bennet, Ben Collet, Will Antram, Brighte Antram, Mary Mills and Marie Antram.

5:24 AM  
Blogger s8an said...

I used to live in Harveysburg for a short time when I was younger. I remember the house we lived in being very old and having a lot of history with the underground railroad. We found a couple of hidden rooms and a tunnel under the back deck that had been sealed. I really want to go back to visit, I miss that house. If I come across any of my photos of the house or village of Harveysburg I will be sure to share them.

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