Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thomas Montgomery Wales
son of Isaac and Ruth Welch Wales
Isaac Wales (b. 9 mo 30th 1778 in Pennsylvania-d.9 mo. 29th 1824 in Warren Co., Ohio) and his wife, Ruth Welch Wales (b. 7 mo. 7th 1784-d. 4 mo 26th 1856) of Virginia, migrated to Ohio from North Carolina. They moved their membership from Deep Creek Monthly Meeting in North Carolina on 3 mo. 25th 1815 to Fairfield Monthly Meeting in Highland Co., Ohio. The following year on 3 mo. 27th 1816, they moved their membership from Fairfield Monthly Meeting to Miami Monthly Meeting in Waynesville, Warren Co, Ohio. They settled near Harveysburg. They would have attended at the Harveysburg Preparative Meeting (Hicksite) in Harveysburg once it was established in 1817. The Welch and Wales properties are now underwater after the flooding of Caesar’s Creek to create Caesar’s Creek Lake. Their land was at the foot of the famous “S” curve, which led up to Harveysburg from the valley. They had five children:
  1. Mary Wales (b. 12 mo. 2nd 1803-d. 1 mo. 25th 1832)
  2. Jane F. Wales (b. 2 mo. 1st 1806-d. 9 mo. 9th 1906) m. Valentine Nicholson
  3. Nancy Wales (b. 11 mo. 20th 1809) m. Henry Thomas Butterworth
  4. Thomas Montgomery Wales (b. 8 mo. 17th 1812-d. 9 mo. 15th 1888)
  5. Caroline Wales (b. 12 mo. 1st 1818-d. 8 mo. 3rd 1844).

Thomas Montgomery Wales, known as T. M. Wales, was active politically in every enterprise of Harveysburg and was president of the Waynesville ~ Wilmington Pike Co. T. M. was a Freemason, a Temperance man and was a noted anti-slavery person. His home was a station on the Underground Railroad and he help to spirit many a fugitive slave to Canada and safety. In October of 1874, T. M. was elected on the Republican ticket to represent Warren Co. in the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of Ohio (See, Combination Atlas Map of Warren County, Ohio by L. H. Everts, 1875, p. 22½.)

"Biographies with Warren County Conntection": http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohwarren/Beers/V/mst/
Political Graveyard:


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